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It has recently become clear to us that this site (www.detayls.com) had become an echo of the main photo site on SmugMug (detayls.smugmug.com) so that’s where you need to go nowadays.

Just click on the picture to be transported to all the new stuff.

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Halloween at SL in 2012

Nina said it best:

“Thanks to everyone for participating in today’s ghoulish lunch. From Gorilla’s to Witches to Baseball beards and fans, it was lots of fun.

Thanks to Marie for putting on a beautiful and scary set-up. Everything was perfection, from the food, to the music, to the decorations and even the steaming drinks. You are the master party planner!!!

A special thanks to Mary, Anna, Michelle and Heather for helping with the set-up and the clean up.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, and don’t eat too much candy!”

These are the pictures from my camera. They are the same set that was distributed via the network. The only changes that have been made are a couple of crops, some red eyes and for lens distortion. Unfortunately I cannot open any closed eyes.

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Jeanni’s 50th Birthday Celebration in October 2012

A big party was held at the Log Cabin in Fairfax for Jeanni the perpetual 19-year old. She had to finally admit to being slightly older but everyone said she is holding up wonderfully.

A lot of people came from outside the Bay Area and we hired a band to give us all a chance to dance.

Jeanni’s uncle Scott, Grier and JoLynn chipped in for the hall, the food and the band and are owed many thanks.

The start of plans for the next party are already in motion. Who has the next major anniversary? Who could it be?

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Rita in Berkeley in October 2012

Just before Rita went back to England, JoLynn and David took her to Skates in Berkeley. Here are some pictures.

Rita’s 2012 visit was a great success and we hope she will come back again next year.

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Darren and Toora get married in September 2012

Darren Nolan and Toora O’Mahony were married on Friday 21st, September at Vin Hill House, Sebastopol, CA.

These photos are from the ones that David took and are a mixture that includes personal shots of his day with Rita and Jolynn and shots of the wedding itself.

Toora was ravishing and Darren looked as happy as we have ever seen him. The love shined from both of them.

Everyone was taking pictures so these are just a few of the ones that we thought were good.

Thanks for inviting us, Darren and Toora.

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Fairfax Festival Parade in June 2012

As always the Fairfax Festival Parade was a Marin County highlight. This year did not disappoint.

It is impossible to capture the parade from every angle. Here is the parade I saw and some of the people I saw it with.

In particular I enjoyed the longest float, which was a salmon as far as I could tell. The wacky hairdos were fabulous and the Nave Patrola were very special.

Probably my favorite was the folks from Wildcare. JoLynn was driving the van.

For extra credit both the Nave Patrola and the Wildcare folks are here in 720p video. See them move. See them fall down. See them do the Quail Dance.

Don’t forget to click on the photo for more!

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Vaughn’s 92nd Birthday Party

Vaughn Burlingham just celebrated his 92nd birthday.

The family invited the Taylors to celebrate and they brought a home-made Strawberry-Rhubarb pie.

It was a beautiful day and we all had a good laugh.

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Memorial Day Party at Jeanni’s in May 2012

Jeanni was inspired to host a party for Memorial Day on the Sunday before so oysters were procured and Alex was recruited as a Shucker!

They turned out to be wonderful and everyone had fun. Pat Clancy senior and Sandy turned out and helped with the eating part of the oysters.

Sean and Jeannine brought Sarah, who was not shy about showing off her ping pong moves.

The yard was decorated by one of the kids, who chose “Serender or Die ” as the theme.

Let the Summer commence!

Don’t forget to click on the photo for more!

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Cedarburg, Wisconsin Trip in May 2012

JoLynn and David took a trip to Wisconsin to visit with family. We saw Bernie and Loretta, who are still loving their Little house near the Big House. They have killer Tuesday morning donuts at 8:30 if you are interested.

Roger, Mari and brood were next and Alex’s graduation was a standout.

Brenda came by and visited and Roger cooked some great Bratwurst to add to the picnic provided by Loretta, Mari and Brenda.

Finally we saw the Nelsons, Ron and Barb for some local “geezer” blues music at the Newport in Milwaukee.

All in all a great trip.

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A Memorial for Marlene Inman in April 2012

Family and friends met at the Armory in Volcano, California at a memorial for Marlene Inman.

Marlene was one of the world’s wonders. She would help anyone and everyone. She could cook the most marvelous meals in a trice. Her wit was legendary. Often she would zing you and move on. Moments later you would suddenly realize that you had been caught. It was almost impossible to come back as fast with your own comment against such quick thoughts.

A variety of people remembered Marlene and all with fondness. The Armory hall was beautifully decorated and the food and drink was glorious.

The family grouped for a portrait or two and special photo boards had been created showing scenes from her long life with Chuck, her adoring husband.

We attended with Helen Puerling, who had introduced us about five years ago.

Marlene will be missed. We have lost a bright light.

Don’t forget to click on the photo for more!

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